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Sungale Unveils Cyberus Smart Info Engine eBook Reader and Universal Portable Media Device

The only universal portable media device to combine full color large-screen eBook reader with WiFi applications, streaming video capabilities and convenient touch screen

Chino, CA - (November 1 2009) -- Sungale, a premier manufacturer of consumer digital electronics products, today announced the latest addition to their CyberusTM line of products, the new Cyberus ID700WTA "Smart Info Engine". The Smart Info Engine is the first and only universal portable media device that offers a large 7" LCD color screen and combines an eBook reader, photo display, card reader, MP3 and streaming video player, and Wi-Fi applications

The CyberusTM Smart Info Engine features a user friendly touch-screen interface that allows instant one-touch access to read eBooks, watch movies and streaming video, upload, view and manipulate digital photos, listen to music and take advantage of pre-loaded Wi-Fi applications such as current weather report by zip code, RSS feeds for news updates, real-time stock quotes, IP Radio, Picasa, Gmail alerts, driving directions and Youtube.

"Today's media-savvy consumers expect the most up-to-date digital technology, and we strive to keep Sungale's products on the cutting edge to meet and exceed our customers' expectations," said Gary Bennett, Sungale VP of Sales & Marketing. "The Smart Info Engine is truly a next-generation device that combines eBook reader capabilities with the most comprehensive set of digital media features available in a single product. It is designed to deliver the rich entertainment experience we believe our customers deserve."

"We want to make the Smart Info Engine accessible to the widest possible consumer audience, so we're offering it at a far more competitive price than any other high end product in this category,' added Ningjun Sun, Sungale President & CEO.

About the Smart Info Engine

The Smart Info Engine handles all common eBook reader file formats, including TXT and PDF. It can upload and display images in JPG, TIF, PNG and BMP formats, play any MP3 formatted audio file and any AVI format video file.

Lightweight and portable, the Smart Info Engine boasts up to four hours of battery life for convenient access to digital entertainment anywhere. Unlike the small black and white screens of most eBook readers, the Smart Info Engine delivers visually rich full color 7" LCD displays. The ultra-high resolution 800 RGB x 480 pixels color screen ensures that PDF pages, photos, and video images are sharp, crisp and clear.

In addition to the eBook reader, music and video players, the full complement of WiFi applications for the device includes: Weather, News fromYahoo or Google, YouTube, Traffic: Driving Directions by Zip, IP Radio, Picasa, Stock, Gmail Alerts, Notepad, Calendar, Clock and Alarm.

The device comes with a stylish leather case in a choice of black, brown and white, headphones, AC Adapter, user "Quick Guide" and comprehensive user manual.

The Smart Info Engine has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) or $279 USD. It is available from national consumer electronics retail chains, online stores such as Amazon.com and directly from Sungale's online store.