THE COOKING EXPERIENCE: The product changing everything you thought cooking was


When it comes to the kitchen, some of us are born with the gift of cooking and love every minute of it but for the rest of us, the kitchen can be a nightmare. To make it plain and simple, cooking becomes a huge mess with no idea of what to do or how to start. This ultimately results in thCooking Frustratione person giving up and going out to eat because the thought of cooking a homemade meal feels more like a chore than a fun activity.

To add to the already major headache of cooking, is the mess of cookbooks a person has to read through to find a recipe that even sounds remotely appetizing. For a beginner, reading instructions from a traditional cookbook can seem conNetchef blog 2fusing, especially if they don’t understand a term or what action the cookbook is asking him/her to do. The internet has made this process slightly easier, but you can’t exactly have a computer, tablet or smart phone in the kitchen without risking its damage… UNTIL NOW!


Sungale has developed a product called Netchef that takes all the pains and headaches out of cooking and turns it into an enjoyable experience. It is the first digital kitchenware built specifically for the Kitchen.
For beginners, the NetChef comes pre-installed with “how-to-cook” video tutorials giving step-by-step instructions on several dishes. Since NetChef has internet capabilities, connecting it to the internet can give you access to even more cooking videos from YouTube or Vimeo. It will make learning how to cook so much more fun.


For those of you who are masters in the kitchen, NetChef is a perfect solution for bringing all of your recipe content to the countertop without the mess and clutter of a cookbook and other devices. Netchef even comes with a built-in timer for your convenience and a measurement converter for those times when a recipe calls for a unit you are not familiar with. The amazing thing is that with 500 built-in recipes and an additional 2,000 from a cloud database, you will never struggle with decided what to cook again. It can even add to your cooking entertainment by playing your favorite Pandora music channels, radio stations, movies from Netflix, or you can follow your Facebook friends all from within the Kitchen. If you have personal recipes that you have stored on your home computers, you can import those text/jpeg files into the Netchef very easily through a USB cable, SD card or E-mail.

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Finally, the most wonderful thing about the Netchef is the way it has organized the custom home screen. It is divided into 3 sections including the built-in recipe section on the left, cooking websites and applications on the right, and a utility bar filled with options and applications along the bottom. With a simple swipe of your finger along the 8″ capacitive touch screen, Netchef brings endless recipes, information and entertainment to a place that has been waiting for technological advancement for years… YOUR KITCHEN!

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