Silicon Angle: CES shows off the kitchen of the future | #CES2016

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen this year? How about a refrigerator that has different cooling zones? Or a hub that gets you the recipe you want, as well as lets you do your shopping?

If you think these appliances are elements in a sci-fi flick, think again. These devices are already on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas, and some of them will be available to consumers sometime this year.


Netchef_G3Sungale brought the Netchef G3 to CES 2016. The device features a touchscreen display and voice recognition so users can easily ask for recipes, do online shopping, monitor their homes with its built-in camera, listen to music, browse the Internet, watch videos and so much more.

Another device from Sungale is the Kitchen Screen, a tablet designed to be stuck on the refrigerator door that also serves the same functions as the Netchef G3.


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