We recently did an exclusive raffle for Cloud Frame Owners that began back in January, where owners of a Cloud Frame were emailed for a chance to participate.

All Cloud Frame Owners had the ability to participate during the month of February, where 3 winners would be chosen to receive our Internet Radio and streaming music player in March. During the month of February, participation heated up, and we had a large amount of people vying for their chance to win. It finally came down to 3 winners, and you can check them out in the below image.

Some key features about our Internet Radio include:
1. Stream the best collection of music from top music APPs such as:
a) Pandora
b) Spotify
c) iHeartRadio
d) Tunein Radio
e) Many others available
2. Play your favorite radio stations from around the US or the world
3. Voice Control and touch screen offer easy operation
4. 8GB of internal memory for the installation of APPs and to store music internally
5. 2.1 speaker configuration for clear highs, and a mini built-in sub for good bass
6. Alarm Clock function for scheduling timers, waking up in the morning, or falling asleep to your favorite sounds
7. For more information, please read about it here

If you did not win nor had the chance to participate, please check out our Sungale e-Store under our New Arrivals here . You will be able to purchase the Sungale Internet Radio and Streaming Music Player once it is available and enjoy the best selection of music the internet has to offer.

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