Top 5 Netchef G3 Features: Home Surveillance

Well folks it seems we are here… After weeks of writing about the vast amount of features on the Netchef G3 it has finally reached the time to bring you to the number 1 feature available, and one of the main focal points of the Netchef itself. Now you ask what it could be, we have already spoken about the recipes, ordering ingredients online, the video features, the cloud photo albums, as well as the Cloud Files, and the different Social Media Applications you can use on it. So what could be this huge focal point feature?

Let’s begin with a few simple questions. Do you have an elderly person within your house? Do you want to make sure they are okay and that nothing bad has happened? With the Netchef G3, you can do just that! Now you know that you can Skype with your relatives and friends while using the Netchef, but if you look on the opposite side of the screen, there Home surveillanceis a surveillance feature too! That’s right, when you click that button, it can start streaming right to your phone and you can make sure that all is well within your home. You can make sure that grandma or grandpa is safe and sound, or that little Billy isn’t taking cookies when he’s not supposed to.

The Netchef G3’s surveillance is not only a helpful feature that assures your home’s safety, but the safety of your loved ones at the same time adding to the necessity that is the Netchef. After hearing everything it can do, can you truly say that you wouldn’t love to have one of these in your home? It will take the average kitchen and with one simple digital kitchen device, transform it into a Smart Kitchen! The kitchen won’t be the same when you have the ability to connect to your friends and family, make delicious recipes at your finger tips and the ability to order ingredients easily for home delivery, as well as all of the amazing entertainment features! Once you are a Netchef G3 owner, you’ll find so many useful and fun features in one device you’ll never be able to imagine life without it and the longer you use it the more you’ll discover!

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