Top 5 Kitchen Screen Features You’ll Love

The world of smart refrigerators has been taking over and we want people to enjoy the luxury and innovative technology without spending thousands of dollars. We at Sungale decided to bring you the Kitchen Screen to instantly turn the fridge you already own into a smart fridge! So, If you love saving time, money, and having fun while cooking, then here’s the top 5 Kitchen Screen features that you’ll love: 

  1. Magnetic Protective Case

The Kitchen Screen is protected by a soft silicone case that is not only secure, but it is stylish and sleek. The simple rubber design is engraved with 3 powerful magnets that attaches the KS onto your fridge or mounts directly on any metal surface. This simple design offers easy access, takes up minimal space and offers protection from damage. 

  1. Entertainment

Make cooking your favorite meals more entertaining—you can watch Netflix, browse through YouTube videos or listen to music on your favorite internet radio APP while prepping or waiting on any dish to be ready

3. Online Grocery Shopping

Save time by not waiting in long tedious lines. With the voice search activation, you have the ability to order groceries and have them delivered right to your door the next day. Our online grocery feature is equipped with Amazon Fresh, so you will have the confidence of a secure checkout and professional delivery. Your weekly routine will get easier and will bring you more time to spend with your family.

4. Recipes and Food APPS

For your convenience, we pre-installed 3 popular food APPS that will give you less time to think about what’s next on the dinner menu. Find any dish from appetizers, lunch, dinner, drinks and desserts. You can also learn how to make vegetarian dishes and international cuisines!


5. Cloud Album

Whether near or apart, your family members will be able to send you photos using the cloud frame APP on their phone. You’ll enjoy a new photo every time you’re in the kitchen! This feature also securely stores your files, photos, videos and music with 5GB of free cloud storage. 


Now that you’re familiar with the key features, are you ready to update your kitchen? Remember that the Smart Kitchen Screen brings you fun, convenience and organization on a single easy to use 8” HD display!

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