5 Thoughtful Gifts for Grandparents

Here’s what to gift our grandparents who have never missed spoiling us every holiday. Get them excited for bringing technology into their home, with these easy to use gadgets that will sure bring a smile to their face and a relieve in yours for making gift giving easier!

  1. Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Grandma Frame makes family connected more closely

When the long distance becomes difficult to spend time with your family, you can always count on the cloud frame to share wonderful memories with your Grandma. Everyone in the family can set up their own album with the cloud frame smartphone app and send a photo directly to Grandmas frame, now she’ll never have to miss out on events. That is why this device is a top rated favorite amongst customers. 

Cloud Frame demo photos for 7 10inch_3

2. Neck Pillow Massage

You know your grandparents deserve the best self-care; this butterfly neck pillow is a convenient item that they’ll want to use every day.  If they’re on a long car trip, they’ll want to keep this massager pillow handy!

Prouct #NM338
Product #CD358LD

An eccentric lamp looks great in any room! The LED light is easy on the eyes and flicker-free, so you don’t have to worry about your loved ones straining their eyes as they sit down to read.  Its large internal storage allows for easy music listening and photo memories, so Grandma can be delighted to see a photo of her family every night. Other user-friendly navigation keys include calendar, clock, and alarm.

Product #KS802

The perfect gift for any grandparent who loves to create delicious plates for their family— this is a smart kitchen device that will save time, offer convenience, endless entertainment, and step-by-step international cuisines to dessert recipes! Helpful cooking tools are also installed, such as a timer and measurement converter to get the right ingredients together.   Plus, the built-in camera allows you to monitor the home with the home surveillance feature so you can check up on Grandma to make sure she’s doing well.

5. Digital Album

What’s not to love about a portable multi-media album? This little gift will be a perfect gesture for your Grandma as she’ll carry her favorite photo memories in a pocket sized photo album! The elegant leather case and color will be a great accessory to add to her purse. 

Product #CD700A
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