How to Win a Sungale Wooden Frame!

UPDATE: This giveaway has been closed. 

Sungale has announced a special giveaway for all valued customers who are proud owners of a Cloud Frame. Only 30 lucky winners will receive a wooden frame for this one time event!

If you love the Cloud Frame’s sleek and simple appearance, then you’ll enjoy being able to customize the frame to fit the interior style of your home or office, after all, who doesn’t love interior decorating? You’ll be able to showcase your photo memories in style.

Qualified customers entering the giveaway event will win a 19” outer frame that will elegantly compliment your Cloud Frame or a 14” outer frame that will add sophistication to your Cloud frame.

For your consideration, the 19” wooden frames are only suitable for CD1900WV+ and CPF1903 and the 14” wooden frames are only suitable for CPF1510+ and CPF1518.

The styles and retailed valued price are seen below:

The the 19” wooden frame is valued at $29.95 and the 14” wooden frame is valued at $24.95

This is your chance to win a beautiful wooden frame to decorate your Cloud Frame and display your photos in style.

To enter the giveaway – simply visit to view the full giveaway rules and terms. Then, please visit Sungale’s Facebook page and click on “Like Page” to be entered to win. Good luck!

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