How to Use the Sungale Cloud APP

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Using Sungales’ Cloud mobile APP has never been easier. We have updated the internal software to make the users interface friendlier and plain simple to upload photos from your phone album and create albums by category. The Cloud mobile APP is available for both Android users and iPhone users.

Going on a vacation, but can’t bring your family? You can easily share your experiences with them, no matter how far you are.  Just snap a photo on your cell phone and open the Sungale Mobile Cloud APP and pick and choose from your favorite shots straight from your camera roll. Uploading 9 photos at a time would make for a more effective process. Here are the simple steps to get started:

Below are easy steps to use the APP:

For Androids, go to ‘Google Play Store’, and download Sungale Cloud Mobile APP.

For iPhones, go to ‘App Store’, and download Sungale Cloud Mobile APP.

Create an account

Once the Sungale Cloud APP is installed, you will need to create an account and select the model number of your Cloud Frame and login.

How to create an album

To create an album, select the ‘Album+’ button located at the right corner of your mobile screen. Once selected, you will be introduced to a screen, such as the below photo, and begin to name your album for a more organized experience. 

How to add more photos to an album

To upload photos to the created album, simply select the ‘+’ button, this will open your camera roll to begin selecting your photos and then, select the blue button titled, ‘Upload photos’ 

Note: We recommend uploading 9 photos at a time. 

How to push an album to your cloud frame

Now that you created a new album, it will need to be pushed to your Cloud Frame. To begin, press and hold onto the album you wish to appear in your Cloud Frame.

You will see a pop-up notification and you will select “ Push to device” Pushing the album to the frame only needs to be done the first time, any new photos added to that pushed album will be synced to your Cloud Frame automatically. 

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