How to Use the Sungale Cloud Frame Remote Control

Getting Started

To begin, it is helpful to note that the remote control functions more as a mouse, rather than a standard TV remote control. You will notice how sensitive navigating the remote as you go along. Here are some tips for a better control of your remote. Note: The remote is only available with 14” and 19” frames.

How to set up the Cloud Frame Sensor Remote Control

Step 1: Remove cap from the back of the remote control

Step 2: Insert the chip in the back of your frame where it reads “USB host”

How to use the Remote control functions

**AA batteries not included

Power button – Does not turn the frame ON/OFF. To turn your frame off, unplug the device from power.

Users need to stand at least 3 or 4 feet away from the frame to get more responsiveness and accuracy from the remote. Using a steady hand movement will navigate the sensor smoothly.


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