3 Easy Fall Drinks to Enjoy even After Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest celebrations have technically ended in Germany, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the flavors anyways! We especially recommend these three easy to make German Oktoberfest drinks if you aren’t much of a beer drinker. The ingredients are easily sourced locally and we especially recommend them since we’re still feeling a bit of the Southern California hot weather this fall (It’s a “cool” 95 degrees fahrenheit here as I write this)! 

With the NetChef, you can fill the room using its powerful stereo speakers to set the atmosphere, and all the recipes can be found in AllRecipe and Food.com, which are in the NetChef’s Cooking Site list. Let’s get started!


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Named after the German word for Cyclists apparently! This drink is light on the alcohol and refreshing on a hot day or after a workout. Appropriately, this drink was apparently invented for a group cyclists when there wasn’t enough beer and as a filler, but the flavor was so good that it stuck around.

While the authentic recipe above calls for one part Beer (Hefeweizen) and one part Lemon Soda, interesting twists on the recipe exists. You could go with Lager and Grapefruit Soda with the same ratio, or something a bit more exotic like IPA and Mango Juice! Really, it’s whatever you feel like.

Raspberry Cooler

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While we can’t fully vouch for how traditional this is, it’s a refreshing and simple alternative to your everyday party punch. The flavor can be made less cloyingly sweet, and a little more suited to adult tastes. If you want an alcoholic version however, this can be simply modified according to THIS recipe.

It calls for Hefeweizen Beer, additional Frozen Raspberries, Raspberry syrup and Sekt which is a German Sparkling Wine. If you don’t have Raspberry Syrup, fortunately it can be easily made following this recipe with more of the Frozen Raspberries, water and sugar. Sekt might also be hard to come by, but any decent Sparkling wine should do fine.

Apfelsaftschorle (Sparkling Apple Juice)

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This hard to spell non-alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family, anytime and anywhere! In reality, it’s actually Sparkling Apple Juice, and it can be made within a minute or two with ingredients found in any store. The recipe only has two ingredients: Apple Juice Concentrate and Club Soda. Mix the two together and you’ll have refreshingly simple fall beverage. You can even look for Apple Cider in your local farmer’s market instead of concentrate, and it should end up even better now since Apples are in season!

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